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Contract Law and Contract Negotiation

Contracts pervade almost every industry and area of endeavor. From recording contracts to building contracts, this business tool allows two or more parties to come together to provide goods and services to one another to forward the goals and objectives of their projects. Contracts are entered into voluntarily between the parties which provide the terms of their agreement and create legal rights and obligations which can be enforced through the courts. To this end, contracts need to be clear, precise, comprehensive, and anticipate the various problems which may arise with remedies for their resolution.

A breach of contract can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or through litigation in the courts. Where a contract has not been fulfilled or has been violated, the aggrieved party may seek a legal remedy of damages, normally in monetary compensation. The basics of the contractual relationship are an offer, an acceptance, legal obligations, and something of value given in exchange to one another between the two parties. In essence, a contract is a legal promise.

Because contracts are used throughout all business relationships, their importance cannot be overstated. Our attorneys have dealt with all of the aspects of handling contracts, from contract negotiation to drafting contracts, reviewing and amending them, as well as handling disagreements and disputes between parties.

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